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Alexa Farley

FICTION — Alice Makes a Pudding

Her plan was to take the broken pieces to the garage before Jack got home from work. The last thing she wanted was for him to walk into the kitchen and see pieces of the damn thing all over the floor. She just needed a minute. A minute to catch her breath, to pick herself up (so to speak), to stop her heart from thumping so damn loud.

A broken chair. Now this was a new low.

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FICTION — The Gift

The problem began, as so many problems do, with a gift.

“No good deed goes unpunished,” he said, with one raised eyebrow.

All he did was shovel their driveway a couple of times; nothing he hadn’t done before. This time they were saying thank you with a bottle.

“They’ve given me booze before,” he answered, to no question at all.

Maybe they had. Maybe it hadn’t mattered before.

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A.M. Pief

POEM — Give it to Me

Thank you

for not making me beg.

Give it to me

as if I hardly want it

but will take it,

if you insist.

That is your gift to me,

and for you:

untold reward

Give it to Me originally appeared on Twisted Sister lit mag


FICTION — The Summer of the Frogs

During the summer of the frogs I was a teenaged babysitter and acting head of a household down the street from my family home. At only two years older than the eldest of the three, my authority was wanting. My charges were a pair of tow-headed boys and a bright girl with raven braids. Smart and good-looking children from lovely, handsome parents; they made a beautiful family.

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Alma Mobly

POEM — Insomnia

Inky blooms spread

And lighten

And blacken again

Beneath the false blind

Of my eyelids


The pyrotechnics spark,

Going off

In mocking celebration

Of my descent

To slumber


Like an elevator

Going down,

There are many floors

Between the top

And delicious bottom


The sound of nothing

In stereo,

Trilling symphonically

Filling the room

And my head


I frequent a place below


With walls made of a stuff

So very delicate

A thought will crack it.

Insomnia originally appeared on Twisted Sister lit mag